The Ashgill Creatives Portfolio

Why Ashgill?

Call me an old-fashioned romantic, but I feel a strong relationship with a few spots on this globe, and Ashgill Force is one of them.

Ashgill starts as a little stream called Little Gill, more than 2,300 feet high on the northwestern slopes of Burnhope Seat in the North Pennines. By the time it reaches the cross-Pennine road from Alston to Barnard Castle, it is carving a steep gorge through the rocks. Just below the road bridge it falls 50ft from a shelf into a pool below. Trees, grasses and wildflowers flourish in the shelter of the gorge, home to songbirds and insects.

Ashgill continues towards the village of Garrigill and its confluence with the River South Tyne.

The fresh flow of sparkling water and ever-changing light at Ashgill Force is inspirational and uplifting. It is a place that refreshes the spirit, energises ideas and clarifies processes.

Now that's a model for positive change...

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