Dipper (wood, moss, withies, lime, graphite, raffia)

Elemental Triped
(wood, lead, solder, wire, withies, red oxide, lime, graphite, raffia)

(limed & charred wood and raffia)

Spacetracker Triped
(limed wood, raffia & copper)


Three, Three, the Rivals
(wood, withies, raffia, beeswax, stain)

Ching Triolith
(wood, leather, Indian ink, stain)

Elemental Stack
(wood, chalk and lead)


(limed & charred willow)

Globe Idol
(Card, wire & acrylic on limed hazel support)

Core Stack
Core Stack
(limed & charred wood, seacoal, limestone, withies & raffia)

Triolith 2
(limed & charred wood and copper)

Triolith (boxwood)